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The trends of our time are a healthy and sporty lifestyle. Even during sports every girl wants to look attractive. In the gym, this is easily achieved by picking up a tight fitting sports kit. But what about winter sports?! How to stay feminine in bulk winter clothes? EuropeanGlam brings to your attention a solution to this problem. Winter sports suits from Naumi. They are thin, but warm, so do not hide, and emphasize the female figure.

An ordinary person, not an athlete, often has to wear a winter sports suit at a ski resort. Therefore, we have prepared for you the most popular worldwide ski resorts & the most popular jumpsuits for these places from Naumi.

№1. Aspen, Colorado

Do you want to join the rich and famous? Then one of the most expensive American ski resorts Aspen is at your service. Located in Colorado, the city above all by the slopes of four, unrelated to each other mountains, allowing skiers with different levels of training to enjoy skiing and the local natural beauty. The only negative (and for someone it may be a plus) is the extremely high price for all types of services.


№2. Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Cortina is an Italian ski resort in the Dolomites, with a rich sports history and aristocratic spirit. It was here that the 1956 Winter Olympics were held, various championships and other competitions. Today, the Cortina ski slopes are an important stage in the World Cup and a worthy rival to other resorts. Like the Swiss Zermatt, the whole life of the city is centered around small but extremely pretty streets.


№3. Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Mont-Tremblant is one of the most famous Eastern Canadian resorts. The real paradise for skiers for the first time declared itself in 1939 and became one of the first places destined for skiing throughout Canada and the second in North America. What makes Mont-Tremblant’s slopes especially attractive is its proximity to Montreal, the largest city in the province of Quebec and the second largest Canadian settlement. He is only an hour away.


№4. Stowe, Vermont, USA

This is one of the most famous and picturesque ski resorts on the map, combining the traditional New England charm and a huge elevation difference. There are two areas for skiing – Mount Mansfield, the highest point of Vermont, and Sprus Peak. Stowe is included in a limited number of related American resorts. A well-developed tourist industry in the form of at least 90 stores and 60 restaurants will not let you get bored during your free time from riding.

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A lot of winter coats can be folded and stacked in a plastic box to keep them clean and dust free until next winter. If you’re short on storage space, some coats can be stored using vacuum storage bags, provided the coat isn’t made of or stuffed with a natural fiber. Heavier coats and coats made of natural materials, like leather, suede, wool, or down, need a little special attention. Natural materials need to breathe, so they can’t be stored in plastic. Get to know the best ways to store your winter coats, and you’ll maximize their lifespans and your storage space.

How correctly you keep your down jacket depends its future life. Make sure you clean your jacket before storing it. Stowing away your jacket for a few seasons without cleaning it first will definitely deteriorate the fabric. Refer to the product care label on your garment for specific wash care instructions.

If possible, remove the fur and hang it vertically to allow the hide and hairs free movement. This avoids dust collection and keeps your fur soft and fluffy.

Let the jacket hang freely on a wide hanger. For best results, store in a dark, moisture-free environment.Use a breathable garment bag for dust protection. You cleaned your jacket, now it’s time to ensure it stays that way.

Avoid packing your down jacket into crammed spaces. Stuffing your jacket into a small space will bunch of the down feathers, creating an uneven fill.

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How often should I wash my down jacket?

It depends how much you wear it and what you’re doing in it. The average lifestyle wearer/commuter/weekend warrior probably ought to think about washing it once or twice a year. Someone who wears only a down jacket throughout a season in it might consider a few times the season. It also depends on the jacket construction. You should always to the care labels on down garments. Excessive washing can cause wear and tear and stress seams.

Down jackets can start to compress and get clumpy after repeated stuffings in packs, bags, etc., but a quick tumble in a dryer on low heat can fluff all that down back up. If they get wet and start to smell—an odor that is unmistakable—it’s definitely time to wash it. Follow care labels.



• Soak your down jacket for up to 60 minutes. Again, go for a down-specific detergent.
• Rinse by lightly squeezing out excess water (don’t wring it!) and follow the drying steps below.

If the care instructions allow machine wash or dry cleaning.


• Machine-wash your down jacket on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees °C. If it’s available, select the ‘extra rinse’ option. Use a down-specific soap or detergent.
• Skip the spin cycle. It’s better for your jacket to drip dry and/or use a tumble dryer.


• Once the wash is complete, carefully remove your jacket — it’ll be heavy — and lay flat to dry on a clothing rack. As you do this, gently fluff up the down.
• It’ll take around 24–48 hours to drip dry depending on the weather conditions. As it dries, keep giving it the occasional fluff, particularly around any wet clumps of down.
• When the jacket is almost dry, put it in the tumble drier on a low heat and check it regularly. To maximize the loft of your down jacket, throw in two to three tennis balls. This will really help fluff up your down jacket.

Dry Cleaning

• It will save you a massive amount of time and worry. Machine-washing down jackets at home is a time consuming and tedious process, o and the fur cleaning process another risk in itself. The main reason we recommend having your down jacket or parka professionally dry cleaned is to ensure that your investment is well protected and secure. Bringing your jacket to a reputable cleaner with a gentle, yet thorough cleaning process will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your jacket is in safe hands.

Things to avoid:
Down is a tough performer against the cold, but when wet, needs a little extra attention from you. To ensure you don’t damage your jacket, here’s what you should avoid:
• Fabric softener. Stick to a down-specific detergent for the best results.
• A dry clean. The solvents they use in the dry cleaning process can damage your jacket.
• A top loader with an agitator. It’s a rougher wash, and your jacket deserves a gentle hand.
• The spin cycle. Down is heavy when it’s wet, so err on the side of caution to avoid damage.
• Wringing. Don’t wring your jacket, no matter how heavy it is. If you must, gently shake any excess water off while supporting the weight of the jacket.
• Use or storage of your down jacket while it’s wet. Otherwise you’ll both be wet and smelly.

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Key autumn trends are complex and self-sufficient. They can be worn both independently and mixed with each other in any proportions. The main thing – the fashion of the upcoming season respects unbanal combinations and altered body proportions. Consider 10 fashion trends, without which it will be difficult to make the wardrobe of the autumn-winter 2018/19 season.


Animal print

This fall, no escape from the abundance of animal prints. The picturesque spots of leopard, ocelot, zebra and tiger skins thickly covered the podiums of the four main fashion capitals of the world. Nontraditional color combinations of “predatory” colors with pink, crimson or scarlet look especially impressive.



Multi-layering cannot be called a pure trend of this fall. As soon as the cold weather comes, in the most natural way dresses start to slip into one big textile “cake”. The main difference of this season is the most delicious combinations of textures. Nylon with fur or wool, velvet and leather.



Dresses in mono clothes, codenamed all in silver, will make their owner look like a swift silver bullet, a girl from the futuristic 1960s or the main diva of the eighties dance floor.



Began a few seasons ago, the fever called “logomania” in the new season is not going to to slow down. Even such resilient brands as Max Mara and Prada are not indifferent to the coming autumn.



Loewe, Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant and Missoni knows a lot about the right outerwear for the fall. In place of a narrow coat and jackets, as if removed from the men’s shoulder come spacious and luxurious capes. Again, the clothes of superheroes, opera singers and capuchin monks will regularly work on fashion service.


Leather dresses

Leather outfits in the era of #MeToo look like real fashionable armor and uniform of the angry dominatrix. With the belt or not, long or minimally short, darkly black or cheerfully orange – without them the fashionable puzzle of this autumn will not work.



Small and delicate pleats on dresses and skirts shook the first chill of September. We will wear them with pants like Valentino, two-color Sacai socks or fluffy mohair sweaters like Balenciaga. Pleating is the easiest and most elegant trend of the season.



No one autumn-winter season can be done without tweed. And if earlier, for some reason, you avoided this noble material with a party, the new season is a good time to learn how to wear compound tweed outfits.


Shades of rust and chestnut

The main shades of the season are romantic and cinematic names. Rust, the color of ripened chestnut, nutty, ocher and mustard look great in the outfits of autumn collections.


Silk Scarves

The trend, more relevant in the summer, nonetheless looks organic in the autumn period. And it’s not just the diversity of clothes, as if sewn from a variety of silk shawls. Designers Gucci, Oscar De La Renta and Moschino are well aware that in a company with leather jackets, warm hats and voluminous colored boots silk dresses look like a long last kiss of summer before the lingering cold.


If you want to look fashionable in the new season, the EuropeanGlam store offers a large assortment of warm, elegant and stylish down jackets and coats for every taste. Your wardrobe will always be in trend!